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VA Medical Center (VAMC), Oncology, Endocrinology, and Sleep Therapy Laboratory, Baltimore, MD

Project Gallery

The extents of the project include the renovation and expansion of the Oncology/Endocrinology, Medical Service and Education Suites, and the Sleep Therapy Laboratory, encompassing approximately 12,200 sf. These modifications will occur within an occupied environment, so phased construction will be necessary to minimize the impact of construction on hospital operations.

Oncology and Endocrinology: Responding to the trend for healthcare to be provided on an out-patient basis and to improve space utilization, efficiency, and reduce patient waiting times, the Baltimore VA Medical Center targeted Oncology and Endocrinology Suites to be renovated and expanded to 7,000 sf. This new facility includes 12 infusion stations including a mix of private, isolation, and 10 semi-private stations, all with space for an accompanying caregiver. This realignment will provide a higher level of privacy and comfort for patients receiving treatment and allow the nurse’s station with visual access to all patients during treatment.

Sleep Therapy Laboratory & MSO Suite: The Sleep Therapy Laboratory Lab, and EMG/EEG departments, was expanded to a capacity of four beds including one accessible room. The size of the sleep study rooms, and number of toilet/shower rooms will be augmented to better serve patients’ needs and privacy. A dedicated waiting area and centrally located monitoring room will allow for streamlined patient check-in while a new office/consultation room allows for more efficient operation and serve the joint needs of the Sleep Study and EMG/EEG departments. This Suite was designed in accordance with American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation requirements.


The renovation and expansion met increased demand, maximized space utilization, and implemented Patient Centered Care concepts. The MSO suite was planned for relocation to another location within the Medical Center in a space of approximately 3,000 SF. This space was built out to meet the needs of MSO and adjacent impacted administration services.  The Sleep Lab was proposed for relocation to a portion of the 6th floor, approximately 2,400SF of space.  This space was renovated to meet current Sleep Lab requirements and address impacted administrative and clinical space.

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