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USACE Design/Build for Repairs/ Upgrades at Andrews Airforce Base

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Joint Base Andrews is home to Air Force District of Washington's 11th Wing, host wing for Joint Base Andrews providing security, personnel, contracting, finance and infrastructure support for six Wings, two Headquarters and more than 50 tenant organizations, as well as 60,000 Airmen and families in the national capital region and around the world.

Lime Energy/Trisohn Construction/Mimar team will design, furnish and repair/upgrade/install a complete wet type sprinkler system, decommission excess components of the existing deluge system, and provide a complete new high efficiency foam system as described in the “performance work statement” dated September 11, 2012. Our Fire Protection Systems design DOR and Builder is expected to be National Fire Protection of Rockville, MD who has worked on Joint Base Andrews in the past. The area of Bldg. 3158 (Hangar 13) as included in this proposal is 37,584 SF. Since no as-built drawings were furnished, this informal measurement includes the second story office administration area, as well as the main aircraft hangar floor.


The existing hangar deluge fire protection systems, based on the issues with pipe sizing. This scope of work includes the full demolition undersized piping. The refurbished wet pipe sprinkler system will include all new piping sized by hydraulic calculations and all new sprinkler heads as per the RFP and PWS and referenced codes. The wet pipe system will be supplied from the existing water service and the scope of work for this proposal will start at the flange of the existing fire water underground located near the center of the building.


A new low-level high expansion foam system will be installed utilizing foam generators hung from the existing roof structure. No additional structure is anticipated by this proposal to allow for the generators to be supported from the roof framing. The generators shall be supported in accordance with the ETL utilizing a framed system connected to the structure using beam clamps and shall be fully braced. The foam generators shall utilize interior air in accordance to the allowances of ETL 02-15. The foam system shall be supplied with water from the base of the sprinkler riser. The water supply for the foam system shall be fitted with a line strainer as per the code requirements. It is anticipated by this proposal that the fire protection room to contain the new foam system tank and fire protection header shall be located in an existing or new room centrally located in the hangar in the shop/office area. The fire protection equipment within the fire protection room will include the new foam tank, the wet pipe system riser for the sprinkler system, the deluge system riser for the new foam system as well as the feed to the fire department connection and foam test header as required under the referenced codes.

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