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T-Hangar & Executive Hangar Development, Culpeper Regional Airport, Culpeper, VA

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Culpeper County requested design services from Campbell & Paris Engineers for construction phase and design services for a new T-Hangar building complex on an approximate 5-acre site immediately north of the terminal area at the Airport to provide 2 new 13-unit nested t-hangar buildings and one new 6 unit executive hangar on the site. The project provided for the necessary site development and t-hangar building plans.

The design called for an innovative porous pavement system for the entire 5-acre site, the first complete porous pavement apron at any airport in Virginia. The use of the porous pavement design eliminated the need for a surface pond storm water retention system that would take up valuable space for future airport development and would also visually impact the surrounding Historic Brandy Station Battlefield site. The overall development included water, sewer and other utilities necessary to support the new hangar buildings. The result is a state-of-the-art hangar complex for individual aircraft based at the airport. C&P performs all CPS as required in FAA grant requirements. The Construction Phase Services items included in this project were: field inspections, daily reports, cost estimates, scheduling, contractor interaction, processing change orders for both the hangars and the apron. The contract allowed for coordination of all construction phase services efforts, as subject matter experts to review submittals, answer contractor RFIs, perform on-site inspection, and assist in the production of final record drawings. Tasks also include observing and documentation and providing daily reports on the progress of the work and serving as a liaison between the contractor and the owner and assisted in resolving contractor questions during construction.

Fee = $213K Construction = $2 Million

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