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Runway Rehabilitation, Augusta Regional Airport Augusta, GA

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Pavement Condition Index (PCI) study

The latest Pavement Condition Index (PCI) study that was performed on the existing airfield pavements at AGS indicated that the Primary Runway (17-35), and General Aviation and Air Carrier Apron pavements were on the cusp of major rehabilitation. As a result, it was determined a full rehabilitation of the pavements were recommended, which included preparing Preliminary Pavement Rehabilitation Design for the Primary Runway 17-35 (8,000’ x 150’); General Aviation Apron; and Air Carrier Apron. Due to funding, it was determined to only prepare final Contract Documents associated with the Pavement Rehabilitation of the Primary Runway 17-35. Special coordination efforts were made with AGS and their airfield tenants in order to minimize closure of the airfield pavements. Thereby using the secondary runway (8-26) as the primary runway when Runway 17-35 was closed for rehabilitation. The final phasing was developed so the airport could remain operational during business hours by utilizing the secondary runway.

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