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Purple Line Project, Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, MD

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Mimar was tasked to provide multiple Architect/Engineering Services on the Purple Line project. This was a major and on-going project work over a several year period.

One of our primary tasks was the management of MasterSpec for the entire specification package which is a compilation of many consultants for this $2.1B mega project. The task required close collaboration with multiple disciplines and several firms in order to pull together and edit in a cohesive fashion all of the many facets to such a large project. Mimar staff complied, edited, and assembled the multi-volume specifications materials necessary for the project. Included were all major disciplines including structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and special provisions. This was accomplished towards the end of the project when impending deadlines required the staff to work overtime and under intense pressure in order to complete the work on schedule.


Another task that was performed by the Mimar team was the location of major and minor utilities for the pedestrian tunnel under the Bethesda Metro Station.  An old tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue was converted to use as a pedestrian tunnel. This was an older facility, and had many utilities of unknown origin and usage. As there were three multi-story commercial office buildings in the vicinity, it was Mimar’s task to first locate all of the existing utilities and then to make a determination as to what the purpose of each was and who were its service customers. This information was then used to work with the identified utility company and propose a relocation of service. Utilities included fiber optics, telephone, gas, electric, water and sewer and a multiplicity of cable companies. This task was also completed on a very tight timeline as the relocation of existing utilities was a critical path item.

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