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Potomac High School Renovation

Project Gallery

Prince George’s County Public Schools district is currently involved in a Secondary School Reform initiative. This initiative is driven by the goal to equip all students to be college and/or career ready. To accomplish this, all high schools will need to offer courses and programs that have a proven track record to college and career success.

In response to this initiative, Potomac High School is developing a signature program that will reflect the vision of the school staff, students and community members. These programs will be housed in three academies: Law, Education, & Public Service; Environmental Studies; and Information Technology.


To achieve this academic goal, MIMAR was selected to provide architectural and engineering design services for the 19,000-sf renovation of classroom spaces to be fully integrated advanced Electronic Classrooms and includes the total upgrade of all Science Laboratories. To further support the Environmental Studies Academy, a new 2,000 sf greenhouse was designed to allow student hands-on experience experimenting with plant behavior.

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