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Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School

Project Gallery

MIMAR provided construction inspection and administration services for the Baltimore City Public School System at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School from 2007 -2009. Renovations and modifications for this project included high-tech medical laboratories, robotic labs, distance learning classroom, gymnasium, movie theater, music classrooms, instructional kitchen and major IT equipment installations. Dunbar high school is one of the best high-tech high schools in the country under collaboration with John Hopkins Medicine.

Major Renovations involved the demolition of all existing class rooms, offices, seminar rooms etc., in buildings A, B, C, D & E. Building A and B consisted of 4 stories with each floor totaling 70, 000. Renovations to buildings C, D and E included new boiler room, new ceiling tiles, doors and door hardware, new interior railing installation the auditorium/theater, renovation of all toilets, flooring, music room, and offices.


Renovations also included the construction of all new interior concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls from the 1st to 4th floors – which provided raceways for new plumbing and new duct work. Additional systemic renovations included new air handlers and cooling tower, sprinkler system, security system, fire alarm system, automated temperature controls, and new communication system.

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