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Medfield New Replacement Elementary School

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MimarMcKissick Education (MIMAR) was selected to complete a comprehensive feasibility study in preparation for the design of Medfield Elementary School, the newest school for the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS). The new building will be one of the first to be constructed in Baltimore in over 30 years and is based on the newly developed 21st Century Schools program educational specification.

Design concepts for this new replacement elementary school intend to house 500 students in grades K-5 and have been developed to support the City of Baltimore’s goals to improve both the educational and living needs of the surrounding community.


Implanted in the midst of this northwest Baltimore neighborhood, the school, complete with a 3-story classroom wing connected with main entrance hub, music suites, administrative suite, cafeteria, and gymnasium, will border with land currently used as playing fields by Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks. The school and the fields will be separated by a steep embankment with improved grading to maintain a healthy balance of access and safety. Select core spaces on the first floor of the school will be available for use by the community while allowing for student-only areas to be cordoned off from public use. To ensure the continued safety of both staff and students, the school will be fully equipped with the latest IT, A/V, and security systems.

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