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Manassas Regional Airport
Manassas, Virginia

Project Gallery

C&PE has provided continuous planning, design and construction management services for the development of Manassas Regional Airport since 1982. Manassas Regional Airport is a designated reliever airport to Washington-Dulles International and Washington-Reagan National.

C&PE completed the East Apron Rehabilitation and Expansion Project and development of new T-hangar facilities, Manassas Regional Airport.  Apron Expansion is designed in three (3) phases with a total construction budget of approximately $11.5 million.  T-Hangar development includes three (3) fourteen (14) unit nested T-Hangar complexes and associated site work. 

 C&PE completed the comprehensive Master Plan Update and Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study.  The coordination process for the FAR Part 150 Study was accomplished simultaneously with the planning process for the 1990 Airport Master Plan Update.  The process included:

  • Collecting inventory data

  • Preparing aviation forecasts

  • Determining the required facilities

  • Developing plans and schedules for implementing the facilities recommendations in a practical, financially feasible, and environmentally acceptable manner


The C&PE principals have been actively involved in all aspects of development at this general aviation designated reliever facility from the existing single 3,700' runway in 1977 to the present parallel runways (5,700’ and 3,700’) configuration and east/west complex development.  Our staff produced the environmental coordination necessary for airport construction in a 100 year flood zone and within the sensitive watershed area for the Northern Virginia drinking water supply.  The runway extension required bridge construction to support the extended runway and taxiway pavements across an environmentally sensitive stream.


C&PE provided services for the Runway 16R-34L and Taxiway rehabilitation and miscellaneous improvements.  The project consisted of the rehabilitation of the pavement systems associated with the Runway 16R-34L (3700' x 100') and parallel taxiway and exit (40' wide) facilities.  A rehabilitation strategy of constructing a new stabilized pavement section “on-top” of the existing section will likely be necessary.

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