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Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Project Gallery

MIMAR was commissioned to provide architectural, engineering1, interior design and value engineering and to redesign the new 10,000 sf multi-functional Federal Training Facility to reduce construction cost and meet the client's needs. The original design was by another design firm that did not meet the budget goal or the client's satisfaction.

The original structural of the building was designed as a double roof structural system, a roof truss for a pitch roof design supported by a separate steel roof joists system, which is an expensive roof structural system. The original design also required a structural slab system on fill soil, which is also an increase in the construction cost.

To meet the challenge and enhanced the design to provide a more interesting and inviting space than a bare auditorium, MIMAR met with the owner and stakeholder in a charrette to understand the client’s image, program, mission, schedule, and operational objectives to develop the recommended solutions to the original design. After developing the new design, it was presented to the owner and stakeholders for approval.


MIMAR was able to eliminate the steel roof joists and design a long span roof truss system, an extensive cost saving item.  In our redesign, MIMAR lowered the building slab elevation by 4’-0” to meet existing site condition and also provided ADA access capability for entrance to the building. The project also required an ADA accessible stage and was accommodated by a platform lift. The facility also included a 250-seat auditorium, food service area, offices, breakroom, lockers and showers with a changing area, as well as a large chair and table storage area.

MIMAR provided architectural and interior design services for this project as the Architect of Record. The scope of work included the completion of construction documents, coordination with a multi-discipline team, and site improvements, stormwater management, ATFP, programming, and governmental agency permit coordination. MIMAR also provided the HVAC system design and electrical design services for all the lighting and electrical system for the building and value engineering. Interior design services included all furnishings and interior finishes.


MIMAR's value engineering and architectural redesign led to a large saving in construction cost to meet the client's budget and the client's needs. No significant changes were made to Mimar’s redesign.


"Architect exceeded owner's expectations" ...FLETC

“Not only did they bring it to a satisfactory completion, they also did it within a compressed schedule... due to their ability to interact with the owner, to understand the owner’s needs, and to provide a highly experienced team.” Robert Laufer

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