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Design/Build Rehabilitation of Orange Line, Washington, DC

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MIMAR provided architectural, engineering and environmental graphic design services to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for this $11.4M rehabilitation of Orange Blue Line Metro Rail System - 16 Stations (Stadium Armory to National Airport).

MIMAR provided wayfinding and signage services to WMATA for rehabilitation of signs on the Orange/Blue Line. WMATA found that passengers found the direction messages on the iconic pylon signs to be confusing. New vault wall signs were installed that included end destination names and station-ahead lists to aid in wayfinding. MIMAR found flaws in the original standards for the signage and was specifically asked by WMATA to re-write the design criteria for the project and further developed WMATA’s signage and wayfinding design standards. MIMAR has been involved in developing new methods for implementing the addition of the Silver line to the Orange/Blue line. This contract involves rehabilitating signage for 16 stations along the Orange/Blue DC’s METRO.


Rehabilitate Ceiling Tile - Stadium Armory to National Airport

The Design/Build work included all design work and construction for the upgrade of the suspended ceiling tile system by replacing the existing ceiling with a metal ceiling panel system that provided completely accessible ceilings in Subway stations on the Orange Blue Line. The new Suspended system provides a 100% downward accessibility for each ceiling pan, while securely suspending the ceiling pan utilizing a torsion spring-type mechanism. Coordination of the systems included lighting, electrical components, mechanical system, security devices, and signage. The 5 year project was phased to accommodate the time constraints of the fully operational Rail system.


The Design/Build work included all design work and construction for the upgrade of the rail platform edges to provide ADA compatible detectable warnings along the full length of the public area of the platform. The work consisted of removal of the existing floor tile at the platform edge in the train boarding area and replacement with the ADA truncated dome quarry tile.


The Design/Build work also included all design work and construction for the upgrade and enlargement of the current kiosks at the underground stations at the mezzanine level. The work consisted of installation of new enlarged kiosks with built in HVAC, a security control system, control panels integrated with pedestrian controls, and an updated secured area consisting of fencing and gates. Once completed and fully operational, then the existing kiosks could be removed.


Special Features: Design required vandalism proof, secured and durable design with low maintainability and low operation and maintenance cost. MIMAR’s in-housearchitects, interior designers, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers worked exhaustively to meet the extremely critical schedule.                                   

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