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Customer Service building, BWI Airport

Project Gallery

A new 50,000 SF Consolidated Car Rental Facility and one of the first in the U.S. to utilize an innovative “mall” approach to car rental. Mimar assisted Michael Baker in developing the design and production of the construction documents. Additional supporting structures include: A 6,000 – space parking garage, maintenance facilities and a car wash.

Mimar/ Baker planned and designed for  a 50,000 SF, sized for 2020, with central atrium for one stop shuttle. Rental car counters distributed “radially” around the lobby in a mini-mall” concept for parity. The project creates a multi-agency Customer Service Building that affords parity between the respective agencies with regard to customer service and convenience. The primary design concept building efficiency and customer-friendliness; efficiency of travel and maximizing comfort from the passenger loading zones to the  customer agency service space to the ready/return.

Spaces are also provided for MAA offices, concessions, food and information kiosks, vending machines, fire control, storage, mechanical, electrical and telephone rooms.

The entrance is identified and protected by a sweeping glass canopy, which extends over the entrance roadway. The building consists of two major volumetric elements, a central high atrium surrounded by a one story “U” shaped service space element. The atrium roof consists of two sweeping planes, which introduce a dynamic appearance similar to the entrance canopy.

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