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Agusta Regional Airport Bush Field

Project Gallery

Provided planning, design, and construction management services to Augusta Regional Airport as part of the Airport’s General Services Engineering contract.

Campbell & Paris Engineers has provided planning, design, and construction management services to Augusta Regional Airport as part of the Airport’s General Services Engineering contract. Our projects included:


  • Rehabilitation of Airfield Signage – Design and Construction Management (CM)

  • Independent Fee Estimate of Terminal Area Improvements – Phase 5

  • Preliminary Layout of the Southeast Area Access Roadway for SPLOST Application – Planning and Engineering Design/Estimation

  • Economic Development Strategy Assistance

  • Obstruction Clearing Runway 26 Approach

  • Terminal Concession Area – Design and CM Services

  • Runway 17-35, and General Aviation and Air Carrier Pavement Rehabilitation – Preliminary Engineering Design

  • Runway 17-35 Pavement Rehabilitation – Engineering Design and CM

  • Front Door Parking Lot Improvements – Engineering Design and CM

  • Administrative Area Improvements – Design and CM

  • New FBO Terminal – Engineering Design and CM

  • Southeast Development Area Access (SPLOST) – Engineering Design

  • Fire House Improvements – Engineering Design

  • Obstruction Clearing Runway 8 Approach

  • GA State Patrol Hangar – Planning and Concept Development

  • Airside Pavement Crack Repair and Marking – Engineering Design

RW 17-35 Rehabilitation – As part of an effort to accommodate growing numbers of increasingly large and heavy aircraft, C&PE designed and oversaw construction of a major facelift of RW 17-35. A Portland cement concrete overlay of 14” depth was utilized to provide the airport with a pavement of superior durability, capable of handling large numbers of heavy aircraft, while mitigating defects in the existing pavement structure. The design also corrected deficiencies in the existing runway profile, and expanded the runway’s blast pads and paved shoulders.


New FBO Facility - As home to the Master’s Golf Tournament each Spring, Augusta Regional Airport’s FBO facility is the airport’s gateway for all General Aviation activities after determining the existing facilities were not suitable for retrofit or refurbishment, the project team designed a facility from the ground up. The new 14,000 square foot building expands the airport's country club-inspired motif which began with the commercial terminal building completed in 2007, to the general aviation side of the airport. The building includes an open waiting area for travelers, detailed custom cabinetry and artisan millwork, a gas fireplace and 10 foot high windows providing dazzling views of the airport's apron and primary runway. There is both a lounge and rest area for pilots and a nearby flight planning room with state-of-the-art flight planning software, communications, and weather equipment. The expanded staff area provides airport employees with updated office space and an observation area with windows on three sides to monitor the airport's aprons. Also included in the building is a full service catering kitchen, outdoor courtyard, conference room and a canopied entrance area providing weather protection to visitors as they walk to and from the landside parking area.

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