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Healthcare Projects

  • VAMC Toilet Rooms Renovation Project, Washington DC - Interior design services and reconfiguration for the renovation of fifty-two (52) toilet rooms located throughout the fourstory, 1,500,000+ SF hospital facility.

  • The Center for Social Change, Baltimore, MD - Full  architectural/ engineering design services for the renovation of the main office building for Center for Social Change.

  • D. Leonard Dyer Health Center, Clinton, MD - Renovated the entire 40,000sf building’s interior, and made substantial architectural changes to the building itself. The building has two major components, the first is an administrative area of 25,000sf and the second a clinical and counseling space of approximately 15,000sf.



  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center Addition/Renovation Bldg. #16 Tasks included: WRNMMC Buildings 9 and 10 - Renovating 20 Restrooms for ADA compliance; NRL Bathrooms, and Navy Yard SCIF Space - Upgrade of a secure room.

  • Eastern Health Center, Baltimore, MD - A detailed facility assessment survey of the existing 32,000 SF Eastern Health Center.

  • East Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD - Planned and designed the refurbishment of and addition to a 27,000SF community health care facility for the Johns Hopkins Medical Center.


  • Eastern Shore Microbiology Laboratories - Renovated one existing building and converted another to create a series of labs for the creating diagnostic microbiology, hematology-viral, environmental microbiology, media preparation, and
    autoclave rooms.

  • VMA (Virginia Medical Associates) - The design of various medical suites totaling over 40,000 sf and several standalone walk-in urgent care centers. Offices were located in various areas in Virginia.

  • University of Maryland Medical System, Shock Trauma Center Renovations - The relocation of the Shock Trauma Center (STC) sterile surgical lounge and locker rooms.

  • NIH Bldg 13 IT Offices Renovation, Bethesda, MD - Design of a new home for NIH IT group. The design transforms dingy basement space into an open plan office with high ceilings and modern finishes, encompassing 2,750 SF.

  • NIH Bldg 35 Corridor Renovation, Bethesda, MD - The renovation of a 1,450 SF corridor leading to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

  • Lab Renovation for Mass Spectrometers; Building 49, Rooms 2B60 and 2C68, NIH, Bethesda, MD - Provided architectural and engineering design services for the design and construction administration for a 1,050 SF renovation of the existing space to be converted to Mass Spectrometer Suites, Office and general purpose laboratories and support spaces.

  • Bldg. 35A, Room 3F312, Mass Spec Installation and Improve HVAC, Bethesda, MD Design and construction administration for installation of a mass spectrometer with associated mechanical upgrades to support the new equipment within an existing space.

  • NINDS Office Reconfiguration; Building 35A, NIH, Bethesda, MD Mimar is providing architectural design services for the reconfiguration of several office spaces in Building 35A.

  • Landsdowne Medical Center - Refurbished, redesigned, and expanded an existing ambulatory care facility containing a dental office, general surgery suite, pediatrics office, internal medicine office, a radiology facility, medical records storage, patient waiting rooms, and a large pharmacy. Converted an existing pharmacy area into doctors’ offices, exam rooms, a conference room, a kitchenette-lunchroom, restrooms, a waiting room, and lounge


  • Clifton T. Perkins Hospital, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Wing, Maryland State Correctional Facility - Provided architectural services for 16,000 SF of the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital located in Jessup, Maryland. 

  • Springfield Hospital Center/Long Term Care Facility I & II - Prepared the designs for numerous renovations and interior modifications throughout Springfield Hospital Complex.

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