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Maryland Aviation Administration MAC- Air Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Office & Warehouse On-Call Tasks, Glen Burnie, MD

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MIMAR provided architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering services, and construction administration. Project scope of work included relocation of offices, additions of restrooms, showers/lockers,
replacement of existing roofing, replacement and alteration to metal mansard, addition of new roof drains, and replacement of roof leaders and gutters. Substantial interior renovations, such as the relocation of offices and the installation of new restrooms, were undertaken. The substantial kitchen and dining areas of the ARFF and MAC buildings were completely redone.

Mimar provided full architectural and mechanical design services, including construction contract administration, for the renovation of this 105,000 sf cargo property near BWI. We surveyed the roof, carefully laying out the locations of all rooftop equipment units and pipe penetrations and determined that the roofing required replacement, and evaluated, on the Owner’s behalf and with the assistance of a roofing consultant, the different roofing and insulation systems that might be applied to the five levels of roof surrounded by high, concrete masonry unit parapets. Engineered the proper remedial repairs and expansion joint controls for the CMU walls, by careful roof storm drain installation, they replaced all the roof drainage collectors and piping and minimized the number of HVAC units that the general contractor was required to raise up to reach adequate flashing height. The roofing consultant checked the contract documents prior to publication. Mimar not only renovated the flat sections of the roofing, but the mansard perimeter, as well.


Mimar followed a stringent, owner-dictated, time budget while producing the design study, design development, and construction contract documents. The general contractor bids fell within anticipated costs for building.  Mimar also relocated offices and kitchen, and added restrooms, showers, and lockers to this $2.23 million project.


“The Owner recognized Mimar for excellence in the delivery of design and architectural project management services.”

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